geet was working in her office when she got a call from some unknown person .   

Person- Mam we have done our work but we need you out of city to implement our task. So I request  u to go out for some days  

Geet- ok thanks I ll plan something saying this she cut call and call pinky. 

Pinky- Mam u called me   

Geet- yes pinky humari koi outdoor visit hai Kya this week ya next week. 

Pinky- no Mam 

Geet- ok u can go. 

Geet was thinking deeply suddenly someone enter in her cabin without knocking.    

geet-how dare… but stop in mid seeing that person             

Person-I can dare much more.     

Geet-tum yahan… person- yes baby doll Main n wink seeing Geet expression

he is none other than yash mehra. he is geet’s cousin

geet- omg tum… tum INDIA kab aye mamu ne mujhe bataya bhi nahi …

yash- oh plz geet don’t make that baby face… it ll not work … aur kya bol rahi ho dad ne tumhe nahi bataya madam aap ke pass time hoga tab na

geet- aisa kyun bol rahe ho

yash- tumhe dad se baat kiye kitne months ho gaye milna toh door ek call bhi nahi kiya tumneAngry

agar main ya dad kare toh tum busy hoti ho

geet- aisa nahi hai u know my work and after dad I have to manage aloneCry

yash- seeing geet getting emotional he try to divert her… ok leave all that

tell me next week tumhara koi plan hai kya

geet- kyun kya hai next week

yash- meri engagement..

geet- what???????? kon…kyun..kisse????

yash- take a break baby doll.. seeing her speaking non stop…LOL

geet- kon hai woh

yash- pari khanna isse pehle tum apne Q list start karo let me tell.. dad ne pari ko select kiya hai its arrange marriage…

geet- its good sukar hai tumne nahi kiya I know your choice atleast I don’t have to tolerate 1 more bimbo of yours.. I know uncle ne select kiya hai toh she ll be best …

yash- kya matlab hai tera meri choice aachi nahi hoti

geet- who toh mujhe bahut aache se pata hai

yash- leave all that cancel all your appointments for next 2 weeks

geet- par kyun

yash- bcoz u are coming with me

geet- kahan??

yash- we are going to paris & u are coming with me for my & pari’s engagement

geet- pehle yeh toh batao engagement kab hai aur kahan

yash- next week hai dad n mahesh uncle pari’s dad ne cruise book kiya hai 

geet what cruise but why u can take flight why to waste so much time

yash- its lifetime memory of us yaar we want to get engaged in mid of sea n spent some time

with each other before marriage

geet- so nice of u good luck

yash- what good luck madam u are coming with us no work till my marriage

geet- ok baba I ll come but give me time to windup my work

yash- ok as u wish… I am going now need to meet  some other friends also..

geet- ok bye  see u soon

yash left saying good bye to geet

geet- thanks yash unknowingly you solve my biggest problem… she relax thinking that..

after 3 hours…

pinky- mam abc software company is not dealing properly and our staff is getting many problems due to their software which is slowing the speed of their work..

even staff of company is not co-operating with our staff with they give any complaint…

geet- then what are you thinking change them and hire another company..

pinky- but we are dealing with them from last 6 years..

geet- so what I want efficiency… bcoz of them I face loss.. I want everything perfect.. just hire best…

pinky- mam what about MK limited …

geet- MK I heard a lot about this company I want to meet MD of this company

pinky- but mam no one know anything about MD of this company

geet- interesting… ok arrange my meeting with MD after 2 weeks

pinky- ok mam…

geet- in the mean time our contract with ABC company also expire..

pinky- yes mam .. I ll try to contact them


adi & maan were discussing something adi got call from pinky…

adi- hello MK lmt..

pinky- hello sir I am talking from Malhotra constructions

adi- hello mam how can I help you

pinky- sir our MD want to held meeting with your MD to discuss about your software..

adi- I can’t say anything right now plz give me some time I ll call you back after1 hour discussing with my boss…

pinky- ok no prob I ll wait for your call

adi- ok bye.. saying that he cut the call..

adi- maan malhotra md want to meet u

maan- for what

adi- it obvious yaar they are interested in our company

maan- u deal with them I don’t want to meet anyone

adi- don’t be a fool… think practically aaj nahi toh kal tumhe sabke samne anna hi hai na..

maan- par…

adi – par kya.. ab toh who reason bhi nahi hai

maan- tumhe kaise pata

adi-I know everything I am your friend…I am fixing your meeting with MALHOTRA’S

maan- ok fine but after 2weeks

adi- ok

adi  and pinky fix meeting of maan & geet’s meeting  after 2 weeks…

precap- maneet first meeting but where ??????



geet left from there n went to her office and start working

pinky- what happen you come o soon

geet- nothing get me xyz.. project file.

pinky- but why

geet- I need to finish that project soon

pinky- but we have 6 months more to finish

geet- so what … that doesn’t mean we don’t need to work on that..

pinky- tell me truth u went to meet rahul what happen

geet- nothing

pinky- nothing????????? means…

geet- I changed my mind.. main nahi gayi milne usse

pinky- but whyConfused

geet- just like that… now go n let me work

pinky left from there n geet get busy in her work…


mahesh-pari where are you

pari- what happen dad

mahesh- yash want to meet you

pari- yash who yash … I don’t know anyone with this name & why he want to meet me

mahesh- to marry

pari –  what?????? u can’t be serious dad.. I don’t even know him & u are talking about marriage

mahesh – just meet him once u ll surely like him

pari- itna confidence

mahesh- yes because I know my daughter’s choice

pari- tab toh milna hi padega yash whatever guy he is

pari got ready to meet him


next day

priya- raj did u notice maan’s behavior

raj- kyun ab kya kiya uss nalayak ne

priya- raj be serious…

raj- kyun kya hua kuch kaha kya usne

priya – nahi but main uski ma hoon mujhe ais kyun lag rah hai jaise who kisi dard main hai

raj- priya tu faltu main uski tension le rahi ho I am sure tumhara ladla ghode (horse) bech k so raha hoga

priya- par.. she stop saying anything hearing sound from door …

raj- mahesh tum yahan aaj humari yaad kaise aya gayi

mahesh- no hi no hello seede teri complaint suru

priya- hello mahesh h r u

mahesh I m f9 priya u look beautiful

raj- oye who meri biwi hai

mahesh stop getting jealous I m just complementing her unlike u who is taunting

tere complaints k chakkar main main bhul hi gaya main kyun aya tha … I want to share one good news with u

raj-priya– good news

mahesh- yes maine pari ki shadi fix kar di hai yash se

priya- congsss

raj- yash who mehra’s ka beta ki baat toh nahi kar rahe ho tum

mahesh- yeh wohi tum jaante ho kya usse

raj- nahi bahut suna hai uske bare main bahut he aacha ladka hai very hard working guy

(he said seeing maan who come just now )

priya saw maan

maan come see mahesh uncle come with good news

priya- u  can’t believe pari is getting married

raj saw hurt in his eyes hearing about pari’s marriage instead of happiness for his friend

raj (ST)- yeh maan ko kya hua he shoud be happy for his friend why he is sad ?? kahi yeh pari ko pasand toh nahi karta oh shit mujhe yeh kaise nahi pat chala… par ab kuch nahi ho sakta I know mahesh he ll not accept maan & pari’s relationship..

mahesh- raj what are u thinking

raj- nothing… par kya tumne pari se pucha kya usse yeh rishta pasand hai ya nahi

mahesh – tum bhi kya raj… main aise hi thodi kisi k sath bhi pari ki shadi fix kar dunga indirectly taunting maan

maine pari se pucha infact pari n yash like each other in their first meet itself

priya- yeh toh bahut aachi baat hai toh kab kar rahe ho engagement..

mahesh- next month

raj- itni jaldi

mahesh- jaldi mujhe nahi yash-pari ko hai and start laughing.. infact I planned all

raj- kya plan

mahesh- maine socha hai unki shadi paris main karu

priya- what an ideaClap & what about engagement

mahesh- middle of ocean

priya- means

mahesh- I mean on ship… I plan a trip to paris on ship

raj- by ship but it ll take so much time yaar

mahesh- so what I want all to remember my pari’s marriage for lifetime aur main tumhara koi bahana nahi sunuga so windup your work soon  & priya tum bhi no excuse aur maan toh free hi hai usse toh bolne ki zaroorat hi nahi

raj-no need to say mahesh pari is our daughter also  ( he said to stop mahesh taunting he don’t like his taunting maan )

mahesh left from there

PRECAP- geet received call from??????? guess whoWink


about rahul not able to decide his punishment  (confused with suggestion given by u all want to implement all but don’t know how ) 


Maan come back home and pretend as nothing happen.

but pari tell everything to his dad.

mahesh- I already told you to stay away from that useless guy but u never listen to me now see how dare he dream about you and him. I ll not leave him…

pari- dad chillax don’t get hyper.. its between me and maan we ll solve our self you don’t come inbetween.

mahesh- but…

pari – dad plz he is still my friend nothing ll change between us .. n she left from there..

Malhotra Mansion

geet reached home and straight landed on her bed due to tiredness

next day she was working in her cabin when sia knocked her cabin

pinky (her PA)- mam u called me

geet- pinky how many times I have told u not to call me mam

pinky- but we are in office so we have to be professional

geet- but u are my friend

pinky- not in office I am here just your PA ,

geet- ok boss.Angry

pinky- now come to point mam if other employees see u like this chatting with me what ll they thinkLOL

geet- ok tell me when we have our next meeting with mehras

pinky- at 12:30 mam

geet- today..shocked

pinky- but why

geet- but we have that on 7 feb na

pinky- then what today is 7 feb only

geet- oh shit how can I forget that

pinky – whatConfusedConfusedConfused

geet- aaj rahul ka b’day hai I forget I need to go now u plz cancel our meeting

pinky- u can’t be serious u want to cancel such imp meeting for that useless guyAngry..he is good for nothing..

how many times I warn you to leave him…

geet- pinky plz we already talk about this I don’t want to hear any bad word about my rahul.. so don’t ever say anything about him I ll not tolerate… I am going byeee

before pinky say anything she left from there..

pinky- I hope u get out of his blind love soon


geet got into her car cursing herself…

geet tu ek no ki jhalli hai ek cheej nahi yaad rakh sakti… idiot… how can you forget rahul’s b’day

ab kya karu kya gift doon usse

thinking a lot she planned to go to his flat to surprise him

she bought beautiful cake and some gifts for rahul…

within half an hour she reached rahul’s flat

she saw rahul’s flat door open

geet- rahul is so careless how can he forget to lock his door. she push door and enter in lobby.. she heard some girls voice from rahul’s bedroom

ladki ki awaz lakin rahul toh akela rehta hai may be koi milne aya hoga ( innocent geet )

lets wait here but she can hear their voices clearly now..

inside the room..

rahul & his GF jia is laying in bed after their togetherness (no details needed)

jia- rahul how much  time we have to stay away from each other

rahul- just little more

jia- I don’t like you spending time with that geet .. just because of her we have to meet like this hiding from all..

rahul- just chill babes… mujhe bhi usme koi interest nahi hai.. itni modern hai fir bhi aaj tak mujhe theekse touch bhi nahi karne diya

jia- don’t tell me seriously the how u manage with that behenji.. and start laughing

rahul- don’t even ask but kya kare who toh mera ATM hai aur ATM ko toh sambhal k rakhna hi hoga na ..

jia- ATM??????

rahul- yeh who ATM jisse main jab chahoo jitna chahoo utna nikal sakta hoon aur iss ATM ki khas baat yeh hai ki iss ATM ki koi cash limit bhi nahi hai n he also start laughing …

jia- toh why are u waiting so much just transfer her money in your name..

rahul- itna asaan nahi hai main iski planning last 3 years se kar raha hoon…sab theek tha but iske parents unnhe mere bare main pata chal gaya tha… they are going to tell her but maine unhe rahte se hata diya

jia- what u killed thenShocked

rahul- no babes I did’t kill then I just paid money to someone to do their accident n wink at her..aur uss idit ko aaj tak pata bhi nahi chala who accident nahi murder tha badi business women bani ghoomti hai 1 no ki bewkoof hai woh…

bas ab kuch aur din then I ll ask her to marry me then her property ll be mine…

bechari bahut miss karti hai apne parents ko isse bhi unke pass bhej denge Evil Smile

and both start laughing evilly…

Outside geet was  hearing all that but no  reaction on her face ..

she just got up from sofa n left from there silently…

precap: geet’s reaction ( suggest something how

 geet should react )


pari – maan I want a person who can support me n fulfill all my demands and u can’t do that, you can not even fulfill my simple wish I can’t spend my whole life struggling  and begging infront of your parents. so just forget all this nonsense I hope u ll understand u ll always my best friend saying this she left from their leaving heart broken maan…

Other part of the city


A girl was getting ready for office.

geet- maria I ll not have breakfast I m getting late, need to meet mom-dad also

she went to her parents room

geet-dad-mom I m going office

she said seeing her parent’s pic hanging on wall with garlands. (she lost them both in accident). I know u both are angry with me bcoz I don’t spend time with u, but kya karu office bhi janna hai.ok enough of my bak bak bye see ya…

I love u both bye

saying this she left

In office she was busy with her files when she got a call. seeing caller ID a smile come on her lips

geet- hello rahul

rahul-hello babe what’s up


rahul- sorry sweetheart for disturbing u

geet- rahul u can call me anytime u know that, ab tumhare bina mera hai hi kaunCry

rahul- enough of emotional talk, ok finish your work soon

geet- why … kya plan hai

rahul- dinner tonight at khurana hotel

geet- I ll be on time bye

rahul- bye

khurana hotel & restaurant

rahul bring flowers for geet

geet- rahul what is special today

rahul-  without any reason kya hum mil nahi sakte

geet- nahi mera who matlab nahi tha… I mean itna jaldi bulaya tumne

rahul- just like feel spending time with you sweetheart

geet- aww so sweet of you

rahul- geet lets order something first.. he call waiter and order some food for them

rahul & geet enjoyed their dinner

rahul- I need to tell something to you

geet- what happen rahul your sounding serious kuch problem hai kya

rahul- I m going mumbai

geet- mumbai but why so sudden..

rahul- I am not getting good job here so thought to go mumbai n try there may be wahan koi mil jaye

geet- job but what about your business

rahul- u know I m getting loss after loss so  there is nothing left…I am penniless & I have no money to even pay for rent …

geet- why didn’t you tell me

rahul- I don’t want to make u burden with my problems

geet- shut up u idiot mujhse nahi le sakte the

rahul- how can I take your money

geet- kyun nahi le sakte joh kuch mera hai who tumhara bhi toh hai… she took some money from her purse n gave to rahul… abhi yeh rakho I ll transfer money in your account tomorrow… u are not going anywhere samjhe koi job nahi karoge u ll restart your business n I ll finance that

you don’t take tension of money

rahul- but geet log kya kahenge how can I take money… main humare beech paise ko nahi lana chanhta try to understand yaar

geet- stop it no more talks on this matter

rahul- ok baba jaisa tum chahoo I LOVE U…

geet- I LOVE U 2

geet paid their bill and both left from their …


pari left maan heartbroken  

maan- pari I love you from childhood… I didn’t know u think this low about me kya sirf paisa hi important hai tumhari life main..

you are my best friend n always remain like that I ll not come in your way of success..

but today you show me mirror … you teach me biggest lesson of life…

saying this he ask servants to clean farmhouse n throw all things out n left from their…

PRECAP:- who mere liye ATM hai main jab chahho utna nikal sakta hoon uss ATM se – EVIL LAUGH…Evil Smile




priya is working in kitchen and RAJ is reading newspaper sitting on breakfast table. after waiting for 30 minutes raj got angry.

raj- priya I am waiting from last 30 minutes for my tea and breakfast.

kya who aaj ki date main milega bhi ya nahi.

priya- raj kyun chilla rahe ho subhah subhah.

raj- toh aur kya karu, mujhe bhookh lagi hai

priya- tum toh aise baat kar rahe ho jaise pata nahi kitne din se kuch khaya hi na ho, can’t u wait for few more min maan ko toh aya janne do fir sab sath main karenge breakfast

raj- oh madam jab tak apka ladla ayega tab hum breakfast nahi luck karenge bcoz 12 se pehle toh apka sehzada uthne se raha

priya- kitni baar bola hai maan k khilaf ek shabad nahi who bechara raat ko late aya tha

raj- raat ko late ata hai aur din ko late uthta hai apka ladla khud toh kuch kaam karna nahi aur dusro ko bhi nahi karne deta yeh.

uske wagah se tum roj mujhe late karwati ho

priya- thodi der se chale jaoge toh pahad nahi toot jayega u r the boss

raj- ya boss, woh boss jisse apne hi ghar main ek breakfast bhi nahi naseeb hota theek se kya kismat hai meri

priya- zayada natunki karne ki zaroorat nahi hai if u r getting late why don’t u go she said cooly

raj- hadd hai yaar n left for hotel in anger.

as soon as raj left maan come there

maan- mom mogamboo chale gaye office kya

priya- oye besharam tere dad hai woh

Maan- waise mom aapne kya soch k unse shaddi ki jab dekho lecture dete rehte hai yeh karo yeh mat karo

priya- bcoz he loves u and cares for u he want to be successful in life

maan- mom plz ab aap mat shuru ho jao, I m hungry give me my breakfast. mujhe pari se milne bhi janna hai fir 

priya- toh aaj ka kya plan hai tum dono ka

maan- kuch nahi mom bas shopping then movie then disc

priya- maan what u have thought of your future

maan- mom give me some time plz 

priya- ok I ll not ask, I trust u

maan- I love u ok bye now I m going maan reached mall n saw pari waiting for him

maan- hi sweetheart

pari bye

maan- why bye abhi toh hum mile hai what happen

pari- where the hell where u don’t u know I was waiting for u

maan- come on sweetheart u know na how is mogamboo so have to wait for him to leave so got late. ok don’t spoil your mood just enjoy your shopping.

pari- ok fine today’s shopping is from your side.

maan- ok boss anything for u. after finish with shopping

maan-pari were are sitting in caf

maan- so madam enjoyed

pari- yes so much

maan- ok so wat are you doing tomorrow

pari- nothing much why are u asking

maan- oh ok, can u come with me tomorrow I have surprise for you

pari- surprise what surprise plz tell me na

maan- wait for some time sweetheart, come now let me drop u its getting late

pari- but we are supposed to go disc

maan- we ll go some other time now u are tired, now go home rest n get ready for your surprise

pari- ok

maan dropped pari in khanna mansion pari’s father saw them together

mahesh- pari stop how many times I have to tell you I don’t like  u spending your time with that useless maan 

pari-dad relax he is my best friend so just chillaxxx and went from there.

mahesh- I am your dad and want everything perfect for you dear. I can see that which you are unable to see, and I ll not let that happen.



pari- maan where are you taking me.

maan- wait for few more min sweartheart.

after sometime they reach khurana farmhouse pari saw all decoration and ask maan what is special

maan- first you come inside 

pari and maan enter inside pari saw candle light table set for two she get some doubts 

maan- I want to tell very important thing of my life which no one know but before that I want to confess something to you

pari- confess what are talking about maan

maan:- pari I love u, I don’t know from when may be always

pari:- maan u must be joking we are friends yaar, I never thought about like that

maan- toh kya hua ab soch lo

pari – maan u r not understanding ok let me make one thing clear to u . Look at yourself what are u without your father support. that father who think u as useless that is actually true

Maan- pari …

pari – maan I want a person who can support me n fulfill all my demands and u can’t do that, you cannot even fulfill my simple wish I can’t spend my whole life struggling and begging infront of your parents. so just forget all this nonsense I hope u ll understand u ll always my best friend saying this she left from their leaving heartbroken maan

PRECAP-geet’s entryWink

Twisted true love

character sketch

maan khurana (MK)- he is vhella …OPPSS…all thought he is useless, but he own a software company which no one knows about, he want to tell someone special about his achievements first. then his family.

pari khanna (PK)- maan’s childhood friend n his love, but for her only money n power matter. love is nothing for her.

geet malhotra (GM)- she owns construction company- malhotra constructions, hate double faced people. 2 year back she lost her family in accident. she love rahul but don’t not know about his real intentions.

rahul sharma (RS)- he is geet’s BF a casanova want to live on geet’s money

raj khurana (RK)- maan’s father, he is in hotel business, nice by heart but hate maan for wasting time in useless things. he want maan to join his business n marry with pari.

priya khurana- loves maan can’t stand 1 word against maan a typical indian mom

mahesh khanna- pari’s father, he want everything best for her daughter like all parents. he is best friend of raj, but he don’t like maan & pari’s friendship

supriya khanna- mahesh’s wife she is no more



maan:- pari I love u, I don’t know from when may be always

pari:- maan u must be joking we are friends yaar, I never thought about like that

maan- toh kya hua ab soch lo

 pari – maan u r not understanding

 ok let me make one thing clear to u .

 Look at yourself what are u without your father support.

that father who think u as useless that is actually true

Maan- pari …

pari – maan I want a person who can support me n fulfill all my demands and u can’t don’t that, you cannot even fulfill my simple wish I can’t spend my whole life struggling and begging in front of your parents.

so just forget all this nonsense I hope u ll understand u ll always my best friend


Maan come back in senses n saw Geet with angry expressions. Geet gulped hard.

maan: can u explain me what the hell is this?? seriously geet, u made me like that. oh god, i can’t believe it.

geet tried to escape bt maan caught her pallu. her breath stuck in her throat.

geet(in mind): what the hell geet!! aaj hi tujhe saree pehenni thi. pehna to pehna, what is he thinking while doing all this?? ufff, yeh bhul ja geet. aur yeh soch ki aab maan ko kya jawab degi. kuch soch, kuch soch.

maan pulled her pallu towards him and geet turns toward him.

maan: i’m waiting geet. explain, aisa bhi kya kardia maine ki tumne meri pic ki yeh halat kar di.

geet tried to do some damage control and smiled at maan.

geet: nothing maan. i was just trying to do something new.

After saying that she bite her tongue, lo gayi bhans pani mein.

maan: whattt!! what did u just say? trying something new?? ok ok. bt why my pic?

geet get angry by his constant nagging.

geet: ok, i’ll tell u bt 1st leave my pallu.

just then maan realise that he is still holding her pallu. he instantly leave her pallu.

geet: good. now listen, i did all that bcz i’m sooo angry with u. bcz of u i was away from my baby. how can u do that to me? tell me.

geet was hell angry with maan. this time her pain also coming out with her anger. she was pointing finger at maan and going forward, maan is shocked after seeing her this avatar and going backward. jannat was watching all this and she is finding all this soo funny. jannat starts giggling at maan’s plight. listening jannat’s giggle they both looked at jannat and forget their fight. by seeing jannat’s happy face they also starts smiling.Smile

jannat: dada, aap dono bilkul tom and jerry lag lahe ho. hehehehe.

their mouth turns o listening jaanat. only then they realized that they r way too  much close to each other and immediately distance themselves. maan went towards jannat and scooped her in his arms.

maan; bohot hassi aa rahi hain na mere baby ko.

jannat: yeshh dada, u ale looking sho funny.

geet was admiring them. suddenly she saw herself with them. when jannat called her, she jerked back to reality and get scared by her thought.

geet(in mind) : yeh tu kya soch rahi hain geet, pagal ho gayi hain kya.. sudhar ja..

jannat again called her.

jannat: mamma.

geet: yes baby.

jannat: maama, i’m hungly.

before geet could say something, maan said.

maan: haan baby, abhi hum ghar hi jayenge. phir jo bhi mere princess ko pasand hain main woh bana dunga.

geet got hurt by his talks.

geet: maan, jannat ko abhi bhukh lagi hain. main kuch lati hu khane ko.

maan: bt…

geet – no if, no bt.. u have prob with them bt my baby is innocent and i’ll not let her suffer bcz of any of u. she is my top priority.

maan: geet, i told u before also preety is jannat’s mom. so, don’t try to be her mom. i don’t want any more accusations from ur family. i don’t want to bring past here bt u need to understand things. u can’t be always with jannat. that’s why i sent u here. she is all i have and she is my everything. i will not tolerate anything against my baby.

geet: what r u trying to say maan?? say it clearly.

maan: main sab clearly hi bol raha hu geet. u have a future, ur dreams. agar abhi tum jannat se jyada close ho gayi aur baad main usse chod dia toh kya bitegi mere nanhi si jaan pe. kabhi yeh socha hain tumne?

geet: bt maan…

maan: i know geet, u told me that u’ll never get married. bt kab tak?? u have a family. they’ll pressure u for marriage. aur tumne mana kar dia toh sab hume dosh denge. i don’t want that. already they did that with preety, meri preety apne dil pe boj leke chali gayi. i’ll not let that happend with my baby. aur yeh bhi ho sakta hain ki tumhe kisise pyar ho jaye. tab kya karoge? me and my baby both r very happy with our lonely world. i’m here for some work, woh finish hote hi hum wapas chale jayenge.. i hope maine apna point clear kar dia.

after saying all this maan tried to go bt geet stopped him.

geet: ho gaya? tumhe jo bolna tha woh bol dia tumne. aab meri suno. i’m her mom. koi bhi yeh sach badal nehi sakta. aur rahi baat future ki, future ki baat future mein dekh lenge. now give me  my baby. she is hungry. saying this geet took jannat from maan.

outside of the room rano and sd were listening their talks, actually they were coming to call them downstairs bt when they r neared the room they sense that maan and geet r talking in very serious mood and they stopped going inside bt start listen their talks. when they both finished their talk rano gave a look to sd.

rano: maaji i need to talk with u. plz come with me.

sd followed rano.

sd: what happend rano?

rano: maaji, u listened everything. phir bhi aap puch rahe hain ki kya hua.. maan ka darr jayej hain, agar future mein aisa kuch hua toh sab usse ya jannat ko hi dosh denge.

sd: aisa nehi hain rano.

rano: aisa hi hain maaji. bcz of u all i lost my baby. aab jannat ko khona nehi chahti. meri preety ki akhri nishani hain woh. aur usse maa ki jarurat hain. chahe maan mane ya na mane.

sd: i know rano. bt tum hi socho agar damadji ne dusri shaadi kar bhi lia toh kya garranty hain ki woh jannat ko apna legi.

rano: i have a solution for that too.

sd: what??

rano: i want maan and geet to get married.

sd: pagal ho gaye ho kya rano. yeh kya anap shanap bol rahe ho. woh ek bachche ka baap hain aur tum usse humari geet ki shaadi karwaoge?

rano: haan maaji. iss mein galat hi kya hain. woh bachcha bhi geet ka hi hain. mujhe pata hain ki preety ne usse janam dia hain, par jannat ne geet ko apni maa mana hain.

sd: nehi rano. i’ll not accept it.

rano: dekha maaji, u just prove maan right. isi baat ka darr hain usse. he’ll not accept this family. he is just doing all this for preety’s sake. aur aap log bas apni guilt kam karne k liye. aur kyun na ho, woh aab pehle wala anath maan nehi raha na , aab toh woh THE Maan Singh Khurana ban gaya hain na. isiliye aap sab ko koi prob nehi hain usse apnane ko.

sd was tongue tied. bcz whatever rano is saying it’s kinda true.

rano: bt jo bhi jo. abhi bhi main yeh kahungi, i want them to get married. agar future mein aisa kuch hua toh i’ll be with them.

saying this rano left the room and sd starts thinking something very deeply.


geet feed jannat bt maan didn’t have anything, not even water. he is waiting when he will be able to leave from here. this atmosphere is suffocating him. rano came downstairs.

rano: maan beta, kya hua? why r u not having anything?

maan: it’s ok maam. actually i have some work and we need to leave now.

rano understood he is trying to avoid the situation.

rano: ok beta. work is also important. aap humare ghar aye yahi bohot hain humare liye.

listening them geet again become upset.

geet: bt maan tum toh kaam k liye ja rahe ho, waha jannat kya karegi. usse yahi rehne do mere sath. aur abhi toh isne sabko theek se pehchana bhi nehi.

jannat: yeshh dada, mujhe mumma pash lehna hain.

this put maan in fix.

maan: bt baby aapke dada bhi akele ho jayenge na?

listening this jannat pouted her lips and geet glared at maan. before jannat could say something geet said sweetly, though she is burning inside.

geet: koi baat nehi maan. tum apna kaam khatam karne k baad jannat ko le jana. theek hain.

maan looked at geet and saw her glaring at him. he gulped hard.

maan: ok geet. i’ll pick jannat after my work.

jannat: yayyy..

everyone smiled seeing her excitement. maan bid bye to everyone and went for his work. bt full day he was restless bcz of jannat.

In HH everyone is pampering jannat till no ends. she is very happy bcz this is the 1st time she is getting a complete family’s love. today darji is in peace. he is watching preety in jannat. jannat went to darji and starts pulling his leg. darji took her in his arms.

jannat: daljiii.

darji: haan, mera bachcha.

jannat: can i ashk u something?

darji: yes baby. u can ask me anything.

jannat: aap ne isse pehle mujhe kyun nehi mile?

listening this everyone stopped their talks and looked at jannat. she is soo small bt her question left everyone tongue tied.

jannat: bolo na dalji.

darji’s eyes got moist. he hugged jannat and starts sobbing.

darji: i’m so sorry baby. apne darji ko maaf kardo. i was blind, isiliye apne baby ko nehi dekha.

he parted from jannat and kissed her head. jannat wipped his tears with her tinny hands. this scene just melt everyones heart.

jannat: it’s ok dalji. chalo aab aap horse bano. saying this she kissed his cheek. everyone starts laughing listening her

darji: ok mere baby ko ghora chadna hain..

jannat: what ish gho gho dalji.

darji: it ghora means horse baby.

jannat: ohh..

they starts playing. all day went like that. in night maan come to HH bt by that time jannat was asleep.

maan: geet, plz jannat ko le aao. bohot raat ho gayi hain.

geet: bt maan, jannat toh soo gayi.

maan: toh kya hua. main le leta hu usse.

by that time everyone came downstairs.

darji: what happend damadji??

maan: sir, i’m here to take jannat.

darji: bt damadji jannat is already sleeping and it’s so late. aap bhi yahi ruk jaiye.

PRECAP: Maan’s decision…

kahin toh milenge…-MG OS

Kahin toh milenge…

A man was driving n his friends were sitting at back in jeep. They all are going for camping to jungle, but suddenly someone start firing on then. They also start firing to protect themselves , the man who is driving got hurt he is none other than THE MSK, his friends took him inside jungle to save him and themselves.

Adi – lets go from here they are following us.

Yash – par hum zayad door nahi ja sakte maan ko goli lagi hai aisa karo tum usse leke chalo main tumhe cover karta hu

Adi- but…

Meera- yash theek keh raha hai hum zayda deer ek jagah nahi rul sakte lets go

They all move from there n yash is closely following them n seeing if any other person is following them.

Pinky- yeh camping ka idea hi bakwas tha, adi jab tumhe pata tha MK ko underworld se threat mil rahi hai kuch dino se .

Adi- toh kya ghar main chup ke baith jaye.

Meera- shut up guys, ladna band karo who dekho samne koi ghar waha chalte hai .

Adi- but iss jungle mai ghar kiska ho sakta hai ?????Confused

Pinky- jiska bhi ho abhi hume joh mil raha hai na uss ke liye babaji ko thank you karo but nahi shak karna zaroori hai tumhe har baat pe

They all went there n knock on door.





A beautiful girl open door all got shocked seeing her

MSK- mishty

After saying that he went to unconsciousness.


Geet- isse andar le kar ayo.

All took him inside n put him on bed.

Geet- tum sab bahar wait karo tab tak main iski goli nikal deti ho

She is none other than DR.geet handa. {other intro laterWink}

Yash,adi,meera,pinky all went in hall

Meera- who geet di hai na??????

Pinky- lakin who kaise ho sakti hai

Yash- hai toh wohi lekin yahan iss jungle main kya kar rahi hai who.

Adi- relax guys ab yeh toh wohi bata sakti hai


Geet removed bullet from maan’s body and dressed his wound.


She come out n all ask about MK.

Geet- he is fine now and get his consciousness in some time.

Adi- geet tum yahan kaise???????? Kya kar rahi ho sab wahan tumhe dhund rahe hai tumhe pata bhi hai sab kitne pareshan hai tumhare liye, ghar wapis aya jao.

Geet- aur uske baad

Meera- uske baad kya di??????

Geet- wohi toh main puch rahi hoon main agar wapis ati hoon toh kya 5 min bhi nahi lagenge maan ko…

Yash- aap usse galat samaj rahi hai who toh sirf aap se pyaar karta hai aap ko khona nahi chahta.

Geet- angrily aur main apne baache ko

All got silent hearing this

Geet – mujhe yahan se janna hoga maan se utne se pehle,

Pinky- but aap ek baar mil toh lijea uss se

Geet- nahi agar usse ne roka toh ja nahi payungi aur agar main ruk gayi toh jee nahi payungi.

But I want u all not to reveal him that I was here.

Meera- but

Geet- agar kisi ne bhi bataya ki main yahan thi toh I ll kill myself.AngryAngry

Geet went to other room to collect her bag n left from there.


Maan got his consciousness

Maan- mishty… Mishty…

Yash- MK di yahan nahi hai

Maan- nahi who yahi thi main mahsoos kar sakta hu usse tum jhoot bol rahe ho.

Adi- maan relax geet yahan nahi hai tumhe weham (hallucination) hua hai

Maan- nahi mujhe koi weham nahi hua n run outside

Meera- adi rooko usse uski tabiyaat theek nahi hai aur di ne hume kasam di hai

Yash- but humne kuch nahi kaha ab agar unki kismet main hua toh who zaroor milenge

Adi- yash sahi keh raha hai aur dunyia ki koi taquat unhe milne se nahi rok sakti kyunki unka pyaar sacha hai who dono ek dusre se door bhi toh ek dusre ke liye hi hue hai na

Pinky- u are right, di don’t want to abort her baby bcoz its their love symbol

Meera- aur MK geet ki jaan bachana chahta hai bcoz uski pregnancy main complication hai.

Yash- dono hi ek dusre se lad rahe hai apne pyaar ke liye hi

Adi- par mera wishvas hai ki kahin toh milenge who unka milna toh tehhh hai …

Maan reached near highway finding geet, he hear some noise n follow that.

Goon-1 – kill her isske marne ke baad who MK khud be khud ayega humare pass aur maneya humari sare baat

Goon-2 – but boss yeh pregnant hai aur isse marne se humara kya fayiada.

Goon1- yeh usi MK ki biwi hai jiski wagah se humara boss aaj jail main hai ab wohi usse jail se nikalega.

Geet- aisa kabhi nahi hoga maan kabhi koi galat insaan ka sath nahi denge. Aur tumhare boss ki wagah se kitne logo ki jaan gayi hai.

Goon-1- chup kar ladki he tried to hit her but maan hold his hand inbetween

Maan- how dare u tumhari himat kaise hui meri mishty ko hath bhi lagane ki

He hit those goons badly

Geet- maan stop u ll kill them

Maan- geet I ll kill them how dare they think to hurt u and baby.

Geet- baby… ab baby ki yaad ayi jab usse marne ka plan kar rahe the tab kaha gaya tha yeh pyaar

Maan- geet tumhara dimag toh theek hai who mera ansh hai how can u think I ll try to harm my baby

Geet- tumne hi toh abortion ke liye kaha than na…

Maan- aur maine toh yeh bhi kaha tha ki we ll take second opinion aur agar tumhari reports theek ayi toh u can continue with this pregnancy

Geet- iska matlab

Maan- iska matlab u idiot your reports are fine u can continue with our baby but u need to take some precautions

Geet- aur maine socha

Maan- tumne socha seriously tumhare pass dimag hai kya sochne k liye

Geet- pout her lips

Maaneet hug n they come back home all scold geet for running like this from home in this state.

After 6 months

Geet give birth to baby girl

Meera- so kya naam socha iska tumdono ne

Maan- Aarchi … Aarchi singh khurana

Yash- scratching his head Aarchi means ???????

Geet- Aarchi meansray of light

Maan- yeh hum dono ki zindagi ki nayi roshni hai isliye Aarchi

 And they lived happily ever after…



Pyaar ka anokha bandhan


Dadi – Rano,pammi  jao jaldi tyari karo aaj pehli baar damadji  aye hai unke khaane k liye kuch lao

M- uski koi zarorat nahi mam maine aur jannat ne breakfast kar liya hai

J- pal dada mujhe choki chayea

M- baby main baad main deta hoon ghar ja kar.

Darji- ghar kisliye yeh bhi toh iska hi ghar hai geet jannat ko ander le jao apne sath

G- baby chalo hum ander chal kar bahut sari choki khayenge

dadi- sari khud mat kha jana kuch humari doll ko bhi de dena

G- make angry face

Mohi- geet hum sab jaante hai tum apni chocolates kisse k sath bhi share nahi karti not even preety so we doubt ki tum kuch dogi bhi jannat ko ki nahi

all start laughing hearing mahi

geet n jannat went to geet’s room

Maan was sitting silent in hall n all are trying to make him involve in their talk but he is replying in minimal words, all notice this but didn’t say anything…

after sometime maan ask about jannat, dadi told him that she is with geet in her room which is on first floor.

Maan- plz aap jannat ko bula do yahan who meri ek important meeting hai mujhe wahan jana hai I am getting late.

rano- maan why don’t u call her yourself, she signal all members not to say anything

Maan- par main kaise…

Darji- kyun nahi yeh bhi toh tumhara hi ghar hai , tum jab chahe jahan marji aya ja sakte ho

all handa family trying to make maan relax n homely

Maan ask for directions and mahi told him

he went to first floor  n Bang…

other side geet come out from her room n Bang…

both collide with each other

geet is falling but maan hold her from waist n mahiii mahiii


they remain in each others arm for sometime geet lost in his eyes.

after sometime maan make her stable

maan – I m sorry mujhe dekh k chalna chayea tha

geet-******* still lost in maan

maan- geet who jannat kaha hai

geet – come back in senses who who…

maan- who who kya ,,,, kaha hai jannat

geet- who room main hai

maan went from there

geet- how can I lost in maan,,what happen to me,,, he is preety’s husband main aisa kaise soch sakti hoon uske baare main, I can’t betray preety…

maan saw jannat busy in lappy n seeing something

he pick her and make her sit in his lap he saw something in lappy n got shock of his life,

At the same time geet enter in her room, he saw maan’s shocked reaction n his constant gaze on her lappy.

Geet- oh shit…

maan come back in senses n saw geet with angry expression

Precap- MAAN’S REACTION  Angry